About Us

The year was 1956, Curcio Bail Bonds was started By Vincent L Curcio Sr. with a loan of $1,500.00 from his Father. The first office was in his Fatherís home until 1961. He then bought his own home when he married Carol Sorenson of Stratford and moved the office there.

Vincent L Curcio Sr. was a diversified businessman owning bars, restaurants, an auction house and a horse farm.

ďVinnyĒ as he was called by everyone ran the company alone for 13 years until he decided to bring his wife Carol into the business in 1966. She helped him with the mounting paper work of the growing company. Later on the office was moved to the Broad St. Courthouse in Bridgeport where Vinny Sr. and Carol were fixtures for years. When the Broad St. Courthouse closed the office was relocated to an amusement center owned by Vinny Sr. in Stratford. When he and his wife decided to bring their daughter Barbara Ann in to the family bail bond business. ďBarbĒ as she is called was a great bondsman in her own right and her Father was very proud that his daughter followed his footsteps helping with the day to day operations, such as dealing with clients with the same zeal as Dad.

Curcio Bail Bonds grew in leaps and bounds posting bail in all of Fairfield and lower New Haven Counties. Vinny Sr. always said to his two children ďdonít leave anyone in jail any longer than you have toĒ. We are successful because we move fast to get people out of jail. We donít make them wait.

Later on the office was moved to Golden Hill St. across the street from the new Courthouse. In 1984 Vinny Sr. and Carol were joined by their son Vincent L Curcio Jr. while he was still a junior in high school. Vinny Jr. learned everything about the Bail Industry from his Father and Mother. He answered the telephone for his parents in the dark days before cell phone service, paging them to pass on information received. The office moved once again in 1999 to itís present location, 285 Congress St. in Bridgeport, CT directly across the street from the Bridgeport Police Station where it still is today.

Not much has changed since 1956. We take credit cards now but thatís about all and we still go out at 3 AM to get people out of jail. Iím sure we will forever - no matter who is at the helm.